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Distressed Porch Chair

Decorating your front porch doesn’t just help add a little value to your home and make the entrance to your abode delightful, it can help serve useful purposes as well! One design trend that I absolutely love is the distressed wooden chair. It’s such an interesting element to add that can serve many purposes, from being a conversation piece to acting as a real chair to be sat on to acting as a table to hold packages or plants. What you’ll need Wooden Chair Sandpaper Outdoor paint and  ...

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Family Friday: Our First 8 Weeks with Miles

As someone who never really babysat children growing up let alone changed a diaper, having a baby of my own that I would need to care for terrified me more than giving birth. Luckily for me, that process was WAY easier than I originally anticipated, a story I will be sharing later this month.  ...

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Lactation Cookies – Two Ways

When asking me if I would be breastfeeding my son, my mom revealed to me that she actually had a hard time producing enough nutritious milk when she breastfed me. After speaking with and hearing about the struggles of other mamas, I knew that I had to try and be proactive in my plan to  ...

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