First Impressions Review: Nokia Home Video & Air Quality Monitor

Choosing a baby monitor has become one of the most important shopping trips in all my pregnancy, coming in a close second to the crib and mattress. And though I had to stray from my first choice due to costs, unfortunately, I’m so incredibly happy that I stumbled upon the Nokia Home while in the store.

The Nokia Home does wireless video feed, acts as a nightlight, plays soft music, has speaker for phone-to-Home voice play, and monitors the air quality in a room. This last listed feature, more than anything, was the primary reason it peaked my interest. Our home is a rental and was built in the 1950s. It’s old and has had quite a few issues over the past couple of years. Making sure that we have quality, breathable air in the home for us and little Miles is a major concern of mine.

Nokia Home Review

While Miles isn’t here yet for me to fully test this puppy in action, I wanted to give you guys my first impressions review on the product. Like most parents, the monitor usually comes before the baby and so we really don’t know how well we’ll like a product until it’s put into practical use. So far, I can tell you my impression of the Nokia Home is pretty positive.

The quality of the camera is better than the webcam I use for my computer, which gets used primarily for streaming purposes (any other gamer moms out there?!), and that was pretty shocking for me to see. I honestly expected to get a much lower quality out of the video feed than what I saw. There is a bit of a lag in the feed, but I plan on testing this again with Miles in the future. Is it because its a static room with nothing happening? Could it be my settings? I’m hoping to have a clear answer for this in my full review of the product after he’s born.

The sound quality is significantly better than I expected as well. My mom purchased the Conair Sky Light with Sound Therapy System for him which I’m in love with for the stars it projects, but the sound quality is very lacking. The light on the Nokia Home is color changing and has a brilliant array of colors to choose from, but doesn’t project as bright of lights as I would have liked. I can definitely see these two pieces working well together to create the kind of sleeping environment I’d like for him.

The app for the Nokia Home is easy enough to setup and use, but you do need to be a bit savvy to get it going. If you’re someone who has a difficult time with connecting appliances to your WiFi and not a tinkerer, I really don’t recommend this product for you unless you have a friend, family member or partner that can help you out. I will also note that our house is quite small and that the nursery, living room, and our bedroom all share a barely 4’x6′ hallway space. I could see someone with a larger home and more connected devices to WiFi could run into issues with this device.

The Nokia Home runs for about $131-$199 online depending on where and when you get it. We got lucky and were able to get it on sale at our local Target for $169.99. I’ve read that some lucky souls got it for $99 during Black Friday deals!

Once a full review of the product is able to be created, I will be sure to link it here for you to check out! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@ourdiyhomeblog) to keep up-to-date with reviews like this and more!

Nokia Home Review

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