Mini Spring Potted Wreaths

Mini Spring Potted Wreaths

I wanted to do some special DIY gifts for the wonderful ladies that all contributed to making my magical baby shower happen, and I knew there was no better way than with a little Spring gift from me and my little Spring baby!

These mini Spring potted wreaths make for the perfect decorations for anyone’s home and are very easy to assemble. The best part is that you’ll end up with plenty of extra material to use for other projects, even if you’re not using them as gifts! I’ve already used these items for a few other Spring projects that I’ll be sharing on the blog later this month.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Miniature wreath(s)
  • Miniature pot(s)
  • Moss
  • Ribbon
  • Wooden dowel, round
  • Silk flowers
  • Wooden letter(s)
  • Floral stryofoam
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Optional: gift tags and twine

I used the smallest size wreaths and pots I could find at my local craft stores. I don’t recommend going too much larger than these sizes for your project as it will make it more difficult to assemble. For the wooden dowel, I got one long dowel that you can find in the craft wood sections. I believe mine was 3/16″, cost me 30 cents, and was more than enough for all 5 of my potted wreaths. If you buy the pre-cut sticks, you’re looking at around $3 average.

Mini Spring Potted Wreaths

What you’ll need to do

First, cut your floral styrofoam to size for your pot. I had a few left over foam cones from a failed project and was able to cut them down to an almost perfect size for some, and for others I just shaved until they fit. Place some hot glue to the bottom of the foam and attach it to the inside bottom of the pot.

While the glue to the foam sets, cut your dowel to size (about 6″ should do it) and insert about half an inch to an inch into the foam. Apply some glue to the stem to help with reinforcement. I used my craft knife to cut into the dowel a bit all the way around and bent them to break them apart. I used my craft knife and scissors to get off a lot of the sharp shreds that were left behind, if any. A few of mine managed clean breaks.

Next, attach your moss with glue. I had sheet moss already, so I used my scissors to cut a circle the same size as the top of the pot. You could definitely use loose moss, and I recommend it. It’s a bit fluffier than sheet moss and you have more freedom with placing it down. I then cut a slit halfway into the circle so I could easily wrap the moss around the stick.

Mini Spring Potted Wreaths

While the base sets, start on your wreath. I always recommend placing your flowers first before gluing them down as you can get a better idea of what you want before committing. Since I wanted a nice spread and the stems I chose didn’t offer much bend, I cut them down to size and sporadically placed them on the left side of the wreath. You could repeat a similar layout on the right side as well, or have the buds and flowers go all the way around. Make sure you glue everything down. The size of the grapevine weave makes it hard for most stems to stay in place, unlike their larger version which are more forgiving.

Once your flowers are set, glue down your wooden letter. I found this bag of wooden letters at my local Hobby Lobby and was so happy since I knew I would be repeating a few letters. For these gifts, I used the first letter of the last name for each recipient, including myself. You could paint the letters, but I loved how the treatment looked on these out of the bag and chose not to do any further treatment to them.

Glue your wreath to the dowel using the vines to your advantage. On most of these wreaths, I was able to find spots on the back where I could stick the dowel in slightly to provide the glue more leverage and the stick more support. Placing the dowel in the vines a tiny bit in the back also helps with hiding the blob of glue that will be holding them together. You’ll need to hold the wreath to the dowel while it dries.

Lastly, tie a little bow together and glue it to the stick. I don’t recommend trying to tie the ribbon directly to the stick. It’s far easier to cut the ribbon, tie the bow and then glue it to the stick. You’ll want the ribbon as far up and close to the wreath as you can manage. This also helps with hiding the glue used to hold the wreath to the stick. You won’t need much glue for this part.

Mini Spring Potted Wreaths

Overall, this project took me about an hour or two to assemble all 5 pieces. Definitely something you could assemble the day before giving away. These could also make really great gifts to give your family or friends at an Easter gathering! Use the letters for their first names and place them in front of plates to use as name tags for the table.

If you make this adorable little wreath, be sure to tag @ourdiyhomeblog on Instagram, or link in the comments below! I would love to see what spin you take on these mini Spring potted wreaths!

Looking to copy my craft exactly?
Here are links to everything I used (or similar items):

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Silk flowers – blue flowers | colored buds (similar) | ivory buds
Moss – similar
Wooden letters – exact
Floral Styrofoam – exact
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