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Easter Basket for Newborn

I love celebrating holidays. All of them. I don’t care how old I am, I don’t care how old you are. I’m just a full believer that holidays and birthdays should always be celebrated and enjoyed!

I’m so incredibly excited that the first holiday we’ll be able to celebrate with my son is Easter! It’s one of the last holidays before 4th of July, and then we’re in a slump until Halloween. Even though he won’t be old enough to see further than a foot in front of his face, let alone old enough to appreciate this fun holiday in all its glory, I still want to make memories with him that we can look back on when he’s older.

There are 3 major traditions associated with the Easter holiday: going to church, Easter egg hunting, and getting Easter baskets full of goodies. Since he’s be far to new and fresh to participate in the first two traditions, I really want to make sure he gets a little present that he can enjoy!

Easter Basket for Newborn

Easter Basket for Newborn

I found this absolutely perfect little Spritz basket at my local Target a few weeks ago and loved it. He’s a newborn, so filling it to the brim with goodies isn’t really necessary. I loved how more proportionate to his size this basket would be in comparison to a lot of other gift baskets out there. If he wasn’t a newborn, I think I would have been a little more leery about using a wooden basket with grabby hands. If your child is a little older, I would suggest a felt or soft plastic basket instead.

I found the book and Cat & Jack sunglasses in the baby section and just knew I had to get them! Mike and I both have sunglasses that are very similar. The book is a thicker book that he can play with when he’s a little older. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact book I got online, but I did find this three-pack of board books that are super similar and give you more for your cost. I found the mittens at my local Marshall’s and the Peep stuffed keychain at my local Hobby Lobby. Before placing them into the basket, I made sure to wash the mittens and remove all the choking hazards from the Peep.

To replicate this basket, here’s what you do:

Grab some decorating accessories for your basket. I chose some acrylic paint that I had on hand and painted random bits of the basket to coordinate with his presents. I only needed one coat of paint for this part. If you don’t want any of the wood grain peeking through, I recommend doing a second coat. Don’t worry too much about messing up and getting paint on some of the other parts. Remember: your newborn won’t remember any of this, and consider them “happy accidents” if you do mess up a little. I used Hand Made Modern paints in Deep Sea Blue, Dark Lapis, Goldenrod and Robin’s Egg.

Once the paint had enough time to dry, I stuffed a single sheet of tissue paper into the bottom of the basket to help elevate all the bits inside. Make sure your weigh distribution is even for the stuff you put inside. The last thing you want to worry about is the basket constantly falling over when taking photos and admiring your gift next to your child.

Now that everything is inside the basket, add your final touches to the outside. I added a little gift tag and a couple of Easter animal stickers that I found in my stash. I bought these last year in the Target dollar section, but I’m sure they or your local craft store will have similar items when you make this little gift.

For the tag, I used my tag punch to cut out a white tag and a patterned paper tag. After gluing these together, I took some scrap yellow and white that I had and punched out some angled pieces to add a little dimension to the tag. Using a Studio Calico date stamp, I added the date to the bottom right corner until a cardboard sticker for his first name. Then, I took some loose sans-serif letter stamps to spell out “easter” in the top left corner. I tied it to the basket with a little patterned bakers twine.

Easter Basket for Newborn

All in all, this basket took me roughly two hours to assemble, primarily because I wanted to give the paint plenty of time to dry. If you choose to not paint as much of the basket or use washi tape, this part of the process could shave off more time for you.

Making one of these for your little one? Be sure to tag @ourdiyhomeblog on Instagram, or link in the comments below! I would love to see how you assembled your Easter basket!

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