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Creating a Capsule Closet: Stage 1 – Planning

For the past 2 years now, I’ve really been wanting to refine my closet and style and, after getting pregnant and trying to struggle exhaustion with laundry, I spent the past few months redefining what types of pieces were important to me and my lifestyle.

When creating a capsule closet, its important to first figure out what your style is. How you define it is up to you and there’s no true wrong answer. Keep in mind that capsule closets are all about minimalist styling and your color choices are limited. After all, the point of a capsule closet is to get more out of less.

Creating a Capsule Closet

I love minimalist, boho goth, and modern goth fashion and home decor, and have modeled my style and closet goals based off that. I have found that pulling ideas from Pinterest help me better visualize the outfits I am to create in this capacity. And, luckily for me, I already own a lot of these items. If you can create your capsule closet with clothing you already own, half of your battle is already won and you’ll have more room in your budget for other things, like storage and replacement pieces.

Next, I narrowed down my color choices. This was pretty difficult for me because I love pairing monochrome shades with colors to give things a pop to the eye. After taking a look at my inspiration photos, I narrowed down my colors to black with accents of gray, white, and blue. However, I do have items that are purple, blush, olive and camel that I refuse to part with and will be using with my capsule pieces. I think that as long as the minimalist closet is achieved, having a few pieces that stray from that are ok if you can get multiple looks out of it. Most of mine are sweaters and coats anyways, so I think cheating here is ok!

Creating a Capsule Closet

By the time I had defined and decided on my path, I was already in my third trimester and working on my checklist. I highly recommend the Out of Milk app available on iTunes and Google Play. It’s a shopping list and to do app that I use heavily everyday, and built quite the checklist for my capsule closet. It’s helped me see what I have, what I need to replace, and what I need to get.

The next stage in my capsule closet journey is going through my closet and determining what I want to keep, what I want to donate/sell, what needs to be replaced and what I need to buy! All that with a newborn? Wish me luck!